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Questions and Answers


What is a domain name?

It is a unique identifying name which represents you or your business on the Internet. A domain name is a sequence of letters and numbers which determine the address of your site.

You need to register a domain name before your web site can be accessed on the Internet.

How long does my domain name take to register?

24-72 hours. Wherever possible we will perform registrations as soon as your payment has been processed.

What characters can be used in domain names?

Domain names can have up to 63 characters. This means that the domain name you choose - You will sometimes find references to 67 character domain names, this includes the dot and the letters c-o-m as an additional 4 characters.

One of the advantages of longer domain names is that you can register phrases such as or

The valid characters for use in a all domain name are:

- any of the letters a to z example
- any numbers 0 to 9 example
- you may also use a hyphen (-) example
- the domain can be a combination of numbers, letters and hyphens
- the domain can begin and end in a number example
- the domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen
- the domain name must be a minimum of 2 characters long

Where may I obtain my UDAI key?

All .nz domain names ONLY have a UDAI keys, they ara a Unique Domain Authentication Identifier. The UDAI is specific to each domain name and is required only to change the registrar for your domain name. When you register a new domain name the UDAI will be emailed to you. UDAI's are eight characters long and are made up of numbers and letters in both upper and lower case. UDAI's are case sensitive.

If you misplaced this or need it changed, you can contact either Urban Technology who will arrange to have it reset for you.

How to change the owner of my domain?

Changing ownership of a domain name is a PERMANENT function. You will not be able to change the ownership back once you have made the change.

As you may know, ownership change means to transfer all of the rights and duties of domain names to designated person/corporate. To protect your properties, we do not accept the application of ownership change online by telephone or email.

If you are unsure about which process you should choose, please don't hesitate to contact Urban Technology Customer Service.

I have already purchased my domain name. Can I transfer it to your registrar?

Yes you can. To transfer a .nz domain name to our registrar, all we need is the UDAI. The UDAI should have been supplied to you when you first registered your domain name. If you don't know the UDAI for your domain name, you can request it from your existing registrar (they are obligated to provide you with this information).

There is no charge for transferring a domain name to our registrar and it will not affect the current renewal date of the domain name. The only change is that we will bill you the next time your domain comes up for renewal.